New Energy Vehicle Industry Expert


Pandeng Zhang

Senior Analysist

IHS Markit

Mr. Zhang has 8 years’ experience in Automotive Industry. He had been worked by Bosch for 5 years before joining IHS Markit, role as a Senior Engineer in Research & Development department, during which he had 6 months short-term assignment to Bosch Engineering Germany in 2014. He has an intensive research into China New Energy Vehicle market development and forecast, specialize in E-Mobility domain, including vehicle electrification, internal combustion engine, E-Motor, battery and power electronics components. He focuses on research of market size and development trends about China EV/HEV thermal market. Mr. Zhang has engineering bachelor from Hunan University, major in Thermal Energy and Power Engineering.

New energy vehicle drive motor industry expert

XiongQiang Wei

Insulation Expert 

Hasco Automotive Electric Drive System Co.,Ltd

Wei Xiongqiang, Insulation expert of Hasco Automotive Electric Drive System Co., LTD. He is good at research on electrical insulation system, including material selection, insulation structure design and verification, insulation technology, electrical testing, insulation equipment, etc. He has been granted more than 10 patents and won two provincial (municipal) science and technology progress awards.

Power Transformer Industry Expert


Lianwei Bao


Chinese Southern Power Grid

Bao Lianwei was born in Shandong, China. He received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Chongqing University, Chongqing, China. He is currently working in the  Electric Power Research Institute, CSG, Guangzhou, China. His major research interests include Equipment quality control and engineering technology research, technical support for operation of converter transformer, and aging properties of insulation materials. He is mainly responsible for the preparation of technical specifications and on-site commissioning of converter transformer for a number of key DC projects, such as Dianxibei DC project, Yunnan-Guizhou interconnection channel project, Wudongde multi terminal DC project.

Power Transformer Industry Expert


Huan Zhou

Director of Technolgy Dept.

Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Co., Ltd

Huan Zhou started his design career from Changzhou Transformer Factory in 1994, and joined the design department of Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Co., LTD in 1996. Now he serves as the technical director of Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Co., LTD. He has been engaged in transformer design and technical management for a long time, especially good at large capacity and high voltage power transformer structure design.


Power supply and magnetic component industry experts


Geliang Shao

Technical Director

Eaglerise Intelligent Device Corporation Ltd.

Magnetic Component Technical Committee Member of CPSS,Chief Team Leader of Magnetic Component Technical Services Committee of CPSS,Standardizing Committee Memmber of CPSS,Member of Shenzhen Science & Technology experts Association,Science & Technology Expert of Shenzhen Science & Technology Innovation Committee,Guangdong Lighting Power Supply Technical Committee ChairmanScience & Technology Committee Member China Electronic Components Association (CECA),IEEE & IEEE PELS Member, CTO of Eaglerise Intelligent Device Corporation, Tier 1 magnetic components supplier of a famous atuomotive factory, Tamura corporation (Shanghai) R&D center ex-deputy general manager, deputy president & CTO of Eaglerise Electric & Electronic (China) Corporation,etc. more than 30 years professional product research & development experirence on power electronics and power megnetic components technology. At a professional product engineer devolting whole life to power electronics technology innovation, successfully designed lots of great products from VVVF moter driver, inverter welding machines, communication power system, DC power supply UPS system for powe system transformer substations and the power plants, PSU, SSPA-PS Power Supply System of CBB (Connexion By Boeing), Brick DC/DC converter, current sensors, power magnetic inductor & transformer for inverter air-conditionor, solar inverter, EV, PHEV, etc. With deep product development collaboration experience with many different elite international R&D teams, and proficient in power supply and power magnetic product reliability management and practice, especially in the field of renew energy magnetic conponents, has been driving the revolution for the world power magnetic conponent technology through a lot of original technology innovation and industrial applications during the passed 10 years. 

Expert in magnetic materials and components industry


Guilin Chen

Deputy General Manager

Dongguan Dazhong Electrics

Chen Guilin, Senior Engineer, Deputy General Manager of Dongguan Dayong Electronics Co., LTD., mainly engaged in the R&D of soft magnetic materials and devices.  He has worked successively in Lanzhou University, Southwest Applied Magnetism Research Institute of China, Huawei Electric, Emerson Network Energy, etc. He has over 30 years working experience in R&D and production of soft magnetic materials and devices and its application field. Currently, he is one of the committee members of the China Technical Committee for Standardization of Magnetic Components and Ferrite Materials (SAC/TC89), the IEC/TC51 China Expert Group and Magnetic Technology Committee of China Power Supply Society. He is also one of the editors of Magnetic Components and Power.


Wind power motor industry expert


Peter Chen

Insulation Chief Engineer

Envision Energy

Jian Chen graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and has been engaged in insulation technology, R&D, process and insulation solution for more than 15 years. He specialized in insulation technology of electrical machinery and equipment, especially in the high reliability demand industries, such as wind power, coal mining, EV&HEV, etc. He has served as director of basic technology, insulation solution specialist, chief engineer of insulation of Generator Center of Excellence.

Motor Industry Expert


Ranran Lin

Director of global R&D, testing and engineering 

ABB Motor and Generator Dept.

Ranran Lin has a D.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Aalto University, Finland, and currently he is Head of Asian Technology Center, Business Line Motors and Generators, ABB. Mr. Lin has been doing technology development and R&D management work on industrial motors and generators for many years, including insulation system development for high-voltage and low-voltage motors, optimal design of vibration and noise for motors, optimal design of ventilation and cooling system for motors and generators, etc. He has also joined in drafting and revising some national and industrial standards relating to industrial motors. In addition, Mr. Lin has published technical papers on IEEE Tractions and delivered some speeches at international and national conferences as well as at national exhibitions.

Motor Industry Expert


Di Wu

Head of Motor 

Midea Group 

Dr. Wu Di received PhD from the University of Sheffield, UK, and currently serves in R&D Centre in EP BU of Midea Group. His major research interest is the innovation of compressors and motors for GMCC and Welling.

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