Mr. Xiang Zhang, the automotive industry analyst, independent consultan

David Zhang is the automotive industry analyst, independent consultant and freelance writer. He got his Ph.D. from Wuhan University of Technology at 2002. Then was awarded as the associated research follower when worked as a post-doctoral research follower at Hefei University of Technology on 2003. Since 2004, he has been working at Shanghai automotive industry with the scope covering passenger car, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles and auto parts. After entering the new energy vehicles industry on 2002, he had joined and led the China 863 project of State Ministry of science and technology including Shanghai Expo New Energy Buses project, Cherry Hybrid Car project and Haima Electric Car project during his career.

Mr. John Li, Managing Director, Marsilli Automation Technology (Suzhou), Ltd

John Li is the Managing Director of Marsilli China. He serves Marsilli Italy to develop the China market since 2000, concentrating on production equipment and solution for actuators (solenoid, motor) application of automotive industry, eg. Ignition coil, fuel injector, ABS solenoid, BLDC motor etc.

Prof Yunchong Wang, Lecturer, Zhejiang University

Yunchong Wang received his B.Sc and M.Sc degrees, from the college of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang, China, in 2010 and 2013, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, in 2017. He is now a lecturer in Zhejiang University. He has authored or coauthored over 20 papers on refereed journals and conferences. His research interests include electrical motor design and control, electrical vehicles and renewable energy conversion system.

Mr. Ben Du, Leader of Kapton® AP tech team, Du Pont China Holding Co., Ltd

Ben Du joined DuPont in 2017 with a master degree of Tsinghua University. He holds several critical roles under DuPont Electronics and Imaging, and gets certified with Six-sigma black belt. He is now leading Kapton® AP tech team, following the macro trend of auto electrification and autonomous, providing high performance material solutions and service for a win-win collaboration with customers.

Mr. Daniel Duan, Technology Sales Manager, ELANTAS Electrical Insulation Material (Tongling) Co., Ltd.

Master of engineering, Technology Sales Manager, mainly engaged in insulation materials technology and marketing for more than 20 years, including corona resistant magnet wire & enamel for EV/HEV motor and impregnating varnish for converter-fed motor Market. He published five professional papers and 1 applied patents. I hope share with you the application of insulation materials for EV/HEV motor.

Mr. Marcello Ferretto, Technical Sales Manager, Laborat orio Elettrofisico

Mr. Marcello Ferretto received a master’s degree in EngineeringPhysics from Politecnico di Milano, Italy in 2013. After receiving his master’s degree, he worked as a researcher at the Italian National Council of Research (CNR). In July 2014 he joined Laboratorio Elettrofisico, initially as a magnetic designer; during that time he performed FEA for the magnetic design of magnetizing equipment. He currently has the role of Technical Sales Manager in the Sales Office, where he acts as the liaison between the Technical Department and the Sales Office. Technical expertise is an essential element of this position; his primary activities also require active listening and critical thinking skills in order to determine clients’ needs and implement plans to meet them effectively.

Mr. Stefan Siebert, CEO, Brockhaus

He holds a master degree in engineering from Germany and has been the R&D manager of hard magnetic testing. He has been the chief executive of Brockhaus since 1997. He is member of the Transformers Committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and German Speaker of the International Electro technical Commission. He has participated in many international conferences and delivered important speeches. Participating in a number of research and development projects, he has extensive experience in magnetic materials.

Prof Chi Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor Zhang Chi is a PhD supervisor who graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He obtained his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering at NTU in 2005. Dr. Zhang leads the research team of precision motion and advance robotics in Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering (NIMTE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) at present. He is the deputy director of Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Technology and the associate dean of Intelligent Equipment Design Institute of Zhejiang Province. Professor Zhang is also a senior member of IEEE, member of IET, Chartered Engineer of UK and a senior member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES).

Mr. Maximilian Halwas, Research Associate, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

M.Sc. Maximilian Halwas studied mechanical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Since 2017 he is working as a research associate at the Institute of Production Science (wbk). There, he is part of the group of electro mobility in the department of Machines, Equipment and Process Automation of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer. His research interests are the development of innovative coil winding techniques and systems.

Mr. Kuschnerus, Mario, Technical Sales Engineer BL Electrical, ELANTAS Europe GmbH

Mr. Kuschnerus, Mario’s current responsibility include Office Manager Sales, office HH; Key Account Manager, BOSCH&SEG; and eMobility market motor expert. He has joined Elantas in 2012, and is now in charge of technical sales for rubber additives, based in Bavaria in charge for South America and in Hamburg in charge for India and South East Asia.

Mr. Shuang Can Wang, the Insulation Technical Director of Reliability & Insulation department, SEARI GROUP Co., Ltd

Engaged in testing and research of EIM and EIS for 7 years. Deep understanding of EIS evaluation standards for motors and transformers. Expert in life assessment of EIM and EIS,partial discharge test and dielectric loss test, etc. Responsible for projects involving nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, rail transit and electrical vehicle. Participate in the revision of several national and industrial standards.

Mr. Kun Zhang, Director of Reliability Technology R&D DEPT, Shanghai Robot Industry Technology Research Institute

Doctor of School of Reliability and Systems Engineering, Beihang University. He has nearly ten years of experience in the product reliability of the military and consumer electronics industries. He has participated in the reliability management and risk assessment of several electronic product items for mass production. His research includes process management of enterprise reliability, reliability test design for mechanical and electrical products, quantitative evaluation method of market risk for product reliability problems, etc. And Doctor Zhang has more than 10 scientific research achievements (including published papers and invention patents). He is currently participating in the drafting of several national standards in the field of robot reliability.

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