Matthew Doude, Associate Director, CAVS (Centre for Advanced Vehicular Systems)

  • Key development areas for EV tech in 2018
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Supply chain factors
  • new technologies will disrupt the EV industry
  • What could China learn from the West about EV tech
  • What do you hope to get from attending



Sadiq Saeeb (Principal Analyst, Power Technology Research)

  • Emerging markets for Chinese transformer manufacturers to consider over the next few years
  • Competitors or competitive markets should Chinese transformer manufacturers be keeping their eyes on in the coming years
  • New technologies and overall grid infrastructure development
  • Currently working on with regards to EV
  • Using CWIEME Shanghai to further your knowledge or contacts in 2018



Zhiqiang Cui, CEO of the First Electric Networ

  • The key development areas for EV tech in 2018
  • Technology will have the biggest impact on the development of China's EV
  • The limits and support for EV development in China’s transportation system
  • What western countries and China learn from each other in EV development?
  • What do you want to get from CWIEME Shanghai



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Shanghai, China
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